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The Key Philosophical Differences Between beBee Ambassadors and "Influencers" on Other Social Networks

The Key Philosophical Differences Between beBee Ambassadors and "Influencers" on Other Social Networks
Lately, I've been seeing a lot of discussion about beBee Brand Ambassadors and several have called me into those discussions for feedback. In fact, much of this blog has been taken from my responses in the comments on a viral conversation on beBee in a Producer post by Kevin Pashuk

Many very valid questions have been raised in these discussions.

In this post, I'm going to attempt to provide the key philosophical differences between a beBee Ambassador and designated "influencers" on other social media sites.

From beBee's perspective, we realize that there is this sort of a social competition that happens on social media for status and influence just like there is in the business world. We believe that this type of competition is typically critical to having an engaging platform. 

However, at beBee, we want that competition to be as fair and as organic as possible. That is why we are moving away from having the designation of VIP on profiles that were done manually by our staff, and moving to a VIB (Very Important Bee) designation which is generated from user engagement and activity level on the platform. 

We will be the first social platform to actually measure engagement and apply it towards designations within the user base.
In regards to ambassadors on beBee, I believe there are some key differences between us and other platforms. Users had to apply and prove themselves on the platform before being given the position, kind of like applying for a job. 
On LinkedIn, for example, nobody can apply to be an Influencer and the criteria for becoming one is very unclear. Basically, what I have observed is that the Influencer designation is now mostly used when celebrities join the platform.

One last thing to point out about beBee Brand Ambassadors versus other "Influencers" on other platforms. I recently got a vanity tag on Twitter and got a verified account. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty happy about that considering the investment I've put in over there. 

However, one thing I noticed right away is that I didn't get much attention from the "cool kids" until I became one. In other words, once I got that little badge on my profile, I started to get more verified accounts interacting and following me. 

Before I became a "cool kid" on Twitter I think there were maybe one or two verified accounts that followed me. Now, I'm pushing 200+ verified accounts that have followed me since, where as, before they didn't give me the time of day. On beBee, our Ambassadors main job is to connect with and promote the other bees on beBee. 

To welcome them to the platform and help them get started. Share user their content into hives and on other social media platforms. I think it's truly a unique approach. 

I can't say I've ever had a LinkedIn Influencer interact on my 160+ posts I've written over there and I rarely see them interact on anyone's posts (even other Influencers). 

The key philosophical difference is that our ambassadors are serving the users, where as, on other sites the users serve the "anointed influencers."

Another difference I'd like to point out is that beBee has laid out its criteria for having a post promoted (20 relevants, 5 comments). The same criteria applies to beBee Ambassadors. In other words, they must hit this minimum organic reach before having their content promoted. 

Where as, on other platforms, there are certain "designated influencers" that get promoted the minute they write something irrespective of the quality of the piece. 

Here we let the readers decide first as to which posts are eligible for promotion. It's a much more democratic way of doing things.

While affinity networking is definitely a work in progress, I believe the framework we have in place is positioning beBee to be by far the most even playing field for content producers and the last place for true organic reach within social media.

Want to learn more about the beBee Ambassador program?

These are the basic steps that our beBee Ambassadors site will ask you to complete before being able to access.

The Key Philosophical Differences Between beBee Ambassadors and "Influencers" on Other Social Networks

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The Key Philosophical Differences Between beBee Ambassadors and "Influencers" on Other Social Networks

Gerald Hecht 14/12/2018 · #95

#94 Agreed @Payton Maurer , @John White, MBA has produced essential reading here.

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Payton Maurer 14/12/2018 · #94

Interesting read on the difference between beBee Ambassadors and Social Media Influencers.

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Matt Sweetwood 7/7/2017 · #93

At beBee we view ambassadors and staff and even our executives as equals on the platform. We're all here to make this a place that everyone wants to be and is different from the other social platforms - in a better and more inclusive way. Buzz On!

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Donald 🐝 Grandy PN 15/1/2017 · #92

Excellent points @John White, MBA. Thanks for the clarification. Proud to be an Ambassador.

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Bhavin Faldu 31/12/2016 · #91

Bebee is very useful platform for sharing new information & connecting people.

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Erroll -EL- Warner 22/11/2016 · #90

The beauty about bebee is when a connection make a post all other connections get the post.

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I echo the comment of @Sarah Elkins and find it representative of mine. Thank you @David B. Grinberg for this wonderful buzz

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Sarah Elkins 21/11/2016 · #88

These are really good points, @John White, MBA, thanks for sharing. I especially appreciate the role of Ambassadors in direct contrast to Influencers. Terrific, straightforward descriptions here.

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