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Contradictions of Biblical Proportions

Must do this now, or I'll blink-out like a burnt light bulb, again.

I've recently come from Implantation of Hope by the exceptional Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. I regret to say my comment there was not only very tardy (I have become a firefly), but it was nothing relating to what he wrote - my apologies, dear Ali! I know him enough to feel he's overlooked that already.

Instead, I'd like to bring up the proverbial:

Contradictions of Biblical Proportions

and open up a new discussion about this: 

It seems a number of us are bible-quoters. Been there, done it, read the book but I'm certainly, decidedly not, the author. What is curious to me is why it can be offensive to some, AND...why not others?

With your indulgence, let's look at some of the thorny issues here. 

1. How many of us comment with passages from, say; The Quran or The Vedas or the Tripitaka or the Torah? Not many, I expect.

But really, I have no idea. Why? Because, as the honky/cracker I am, I tend to read the mainstream English-language writers. Sheer laziness.

Being educated in cloistered boarding schools in the UK has taught me much. As a yank with some Blackfoot blood, I was referred to as the 'native girl' (rich...coming from those floating nuns, which were a little otherworldly themselves). 

We Brits (when the mood takes me), don't do 'languages'. That's for the subjects of old colonialism. I suspect the British Empire of the 17th and 18th centuries was rife with great white hunters saying, 'I say chaps, what on earth is he saying..?' just before he got chowed down by a lioness his dutiful indigenous and loyal man-Friday had been furiously warning about.

If you think the Brits are bad, remember I'm an American. tsk!

2. Why is bible-quoting a problem? Now, that's a question. 

I think it's like any other language we don't know (examples at the beginning of point one). Perception would dictate that the 'quoters' are considered as:

a) Speaking intimately in public to curry favor.

b) Self-righteous goody-goodies.

c) Wrecking a jolly good debate.

Whereas, the 'quoters' may see others' objections as:

a) A misrepresentation of motive. 

b) Something worth turning a cheek for.

c) God-forbid: Pitiful.They need to be prayed for hardily. 

Of course, I espouse that all the above are wrong.

Which is really great for me as I'm always right! :)

The reason I offer is simple: faith.

Faith and religion are quite different. At the very least, they have little to do with each other. 

Faith is an inner belief you know to be true.


Religion is the construct we create to try and keep hold of it.

3. Are the 'quoters' expressing their faith, or religion...or both? Or neither? And should ANYONE  be taking about this sort of stuff anyhoo? ...political correctness and all that....

Let me give you an example:

Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee and Harvey Lloyd are quite possibly the two best debate partners ever - I enjoy their exchanges immensely (even though much of it goes over my head). I know Harvey to be a 'working' Christian (by that I mean he sees his faith is a 'work in progress'. I know Ali is not. From his own words, he is not 'spiritual.'

That said, both know, understand and agree (in the main) with the wisdom held in such a book like the bible. That is a  philosophical decision they have reached, not a theological one. They could simply agree to differ where needed, but they don't really. They have moved past that barrier and their respect for each other is what holds them in check. If they didn't, we'd have little to benefit from. But because they do, we are the beneficiaries of their marvelous minds.

In summation, and in my humble opinion, we do have to be mindful how far we go in public; no one should bandy about their faith lightly, like a bunch of tracts left at McDonalds. Generally speaking, I don't see much of that here anyway.

But in the same vein, we should not be intolerant or threatened of the faith of others. They may teach us a thing or two!

I may know my bible but I'm a fairly crap Christian, meaning I don't 'work' it as I should. My problem with Christianity is church - it's full of Christians. They give out free coffee & stuff there though! But, for me, it's not a problem of faith. I'm just weird like that.

In dedication to Lada 🏡 Prkic, whom I admire greatly. She dared asked the question; that took cojones! And to Fay Vietmeier, who I know less, but am sure of her intentions. And, Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee   the most patient of teachers!

John Rylance Feb 4, 2020 · #77

#73 Atheist has a meaning in Greek of without god(s). So we would all be atheists, and have to make do with idols perhaps, or leaders.

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 4, 2020 · #76

#75 #75 @Lisa Vanderburg

I have worn it, bore it, dropped it, was rent by it and yes, it has protected me (when I let it) ... I'm sure MANY could say "Amen"

Oh my sister-with-brave-heart: the one who says she would jump from a speeding car ... this lines up:
"The trouble is, I don't always want it to protect me, to be my defense, to act as my guard to what evils this world spews forth. Sometime (I find) it's better to get down in the dirt. Sometimes I find, that hope is in the mud of misery"

I am the handmaid-happy-for-His-cover: I claim ongoing that "place of safety beneath His everlasting arms" ... grateful that "His reach is never short & His Word is never void" ... I claim for everyone that is in the circle-of-my-life

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Lisa Vanderburg Feb 3, 2020 · #75

#74 And therein, I must challenge you, dear @Fay Vietmeier. For I know the armor of which you speak. I have worn it, bore it, dropped it, was rent by it and yes, it has protected me (when I let it).
The trouble is, I don't always want it to protect me, to be my defense, to act as my guard to what evils this world spews forth. Sometime (I find) it's better to get down in the dirt. Sometimes I find, that hope is in the mud of misery. Bless you, sweet sister.

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 3, 2020 · #74

#68 @Lisa Vanderburg
Wow Lisa~
"What strikes me is the war believers are in (pick a faith) and the war those who have chosen another route are in. It just seems like we're all in the same uniform?"
Sadly "Christians" (or pick a faith) look no different than those "who have chosen another route" (non-behaviors)
Divorce would be a good example
Believers are given a wardrobe called the "full armor of God" (Ephesians 6)
Now this is not to say that many "believers" avail themselves of this "Divine Designer attire" ....rather rush out each day into the world and forget to put it on ;~)

I realize that the "same uniform" you mention ... may be reflected as externals
Whereas the "armor of God" is internal (unseen) but a Source of protection & provision for each challenge we may meet

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 3, 2020 · #73

@Pascal Derrien @Harvey Lloyd
The thought occurs to me that if there was no God there would be no "atheists"

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 3, 2020 · #72

@Harvey Lloyd
“The superstition that man can create values” ~ CS Lewis
Align with what you say here: This action relentlessly results in tyrannical efforts to enforce self serving values”
“It IS difficult for those in the fish bowl to recognize a higher level of being from within the water they swim” (which is confirmed by another “G”)
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” ~Albert Einstein
I am going to watch again the: The Poison of Subjectivism by C.S. Lewis (thank you for recommending it )

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 3, 2020 · #71

#61 @Harvey Lloyd @Pascal Derrien
These came to mind
"God is not Dead" ... (3 movies that speak into our time on this subject: unbelief Vs belief)
God's not Dead (3) A Light in Darkness (I have not seen yet but it's now on my list)
Nothing to lose ... something to gain is the thinking of this bee ;~) ... I could say "I dare you" ... but I won't (I needed the rhyme ;~)
Consider it "bee-sharing" or "bee-daring"

Fay Vietmeier Feb 3, 2020 · #70

#51 @Lisa Vanderburg
I was hoping you might expand this thought Lisa
"I know truth (as we know it in earthly sense) to be a lie."

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