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BeBee: 13 Reasons Why

BeBee: 13 Reasons Why

Why should you use beBee?

Did you recently hear something about beBee, but you don't know exactly what it is? Why should you use it when there are other social platforms to contact and interact with other people? Let me explain 13 reasons to do it (sorry, I didn't get  tapes at home to record it like Hanah Baker did, so I had to write this post):

#1 Build your personal brand

Have you ever tried to look for what Google say about you? Was it something good, bad, irrelevant or your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles? I definetelly invite you to start writting and share content on beBee. Just try then to look for yourself again in Google to see if something changes or not in a positive way. Use Producer to write about your experience or your personal thoughts to create your digital print. Choose what do you want Google to talk about you to be different, unique, building your personal brand.

#2 Share what you know and what you feel with people with the same interests

Yes, you are probably thinking about why you should use yet another social network after Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Please, try it to see that you can meet people that has something in common with you, about your interests (sports, music, nature...) or your feelings. This is not a common social network, it is probably the best affinity network. Forwarding Steve Jobs: "This is just the begining of the next big thing".

#3 It's not about who you know, it's about what you love and moves you. 

You don't need to write and share articles about your professional experience as you can do in LinkedIn. beBee invites you to write about your passion, your personal feelings, about yourself. This is not only another place to talk about work, but also it is THE platform where you can find everything you would need and meet people similar to you.

#4 You don't need to create your own blog, just use Producer.

Write your own articles without creating a new blog never was so easy. Just define a title and a description (including pictures, videos and links to other relevant and related content) and write about anything you like. You can write about whatever you want whenever you want about different topics, it's not necessary to focus on one. For example, you can write an article about music and share a new song's video, but also write about your personal thoughts or your experiences.

#5 It's not only about knowledge but also about experiences.

Your experience is welcome and very useful for other users similar to you, but you can also share your personal experiences with the others. Experiences like a special travel, a marathon, a concert or just a live video (live buzz) talking about what you are doing at this moment.

#6 Select your hives (interests) just to find relevant content.

Every user profile is unique and is based on its interests. What moves every user can be very different. The main difference between other social networks and beBee is that you do not follow people or groups, you follow hives about the topics you love.

#7 The perfect combination between Facebook and LinkedIn.

Facebook could be like a huge mall center: you can find everything but sometimes is hard to find what you really want; LinkedIn is the perfect place to get in contact with your coworkers and collagues, and a nice platform to find something interesting about your job. In beBee you can mix both social networks, discovering people similar to you in a virtual and personal touch.

#8 The platform invites to write and produce relevant content in a cooperative way.

Most of social networks calls to share content, but it hardly promote its creation. beBee also invites you to share articles, videos and photos, but what makes it different is that is constantly looking for creating new and relevant content. There are lot of platforms to share and find interesting content, but just a few oriented to create it, and beBee is one of those.

#9 Articles are instantly positioned for Google.

What you write on beBee Producer appears instantly in Google's first positions. Your articles are not only visible in beBee but also for everyone who is looking for that topic in Google. It's the easiest and fastest way to build your personal brand, your articles will be able to be shared in a viral context.

#10 New users are as important as its CEO.

Nobody is useless, all its users are invited to participate writting, making comments or just finding content that suits them. Even its CEO and founders are always very opened to share new articles in and out of beBee including Twitter or LinkedIn.

#11 Unemployed? Find your next job here.

If you are looking for a new job and you love to write, beBee will definitely help you to find it by building your personal brand. That is the perfect way to differenciate yourself with the other candidates and open the doors to new opportunities.

#12 Users build the future of the platform every day.

beBee invites its users to expose its ideas to develop it with its feedback button. Every idea is welcome and heared, beBee is probably the most innovative social network in that way.

#13 "Bee" the next global brand ambassador and a future beBee shareholder.

Tell the others why beBee is different and how would it help you to differenciate yourself and build your personal brand. Spread the word in other social networks, and you could be named as the next global brand ambassador. In the future, you could also become a beBee stakeholder.

What are you waiting to create your profile and start using beBee?

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Awesome post for the new bees @Miguel 🐝 López OlivaMigue Keep buzzing 🤗🐝🤗

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#5 Thanks for the tag Lisa, great post by Miguel!

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Outstanding post and excellent information for newbees. Thank you for sharing @Miguel 🐝 López Oliva.

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Terrific information here. Especially for newbies. Thank you @Miguel 🐝 López Oliva

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A great piece! Very relevant! Thank you @Miguel 🐝 López Oliva.

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#6 #5 #4 #3 thanks to all of you, bees, for sharing and making comments. Love you!

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Great post. I love beBee producer. I love the 'voice' it gives me. I love reading the posts of others. I love the level of interaction. I love.. I could go on.

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Wonderful buzz and so detailed @Miguel 🐝 López Oliva! Thanks so much. cc: @Deb 🐝 Helfrich @Pamela 🐝 Williams @Randall Burns

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