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How to Find the Right Topic for a beBee Buzz?

How to Find the Right Topic for a beBee Buzz?

Since the time I joined beBee I have shared long post buzz as well as some buzzes with only visual content. As, one of the most important parts of networking on beBee is to create relevant content, preferably long posts; one might wonder what would be the right topic to post about on the beBee platform. I am here to share some buzz (blog) ideas that you can write about and expand your network on this great new personal branding platform.

Idea #1

What appeals to you most? True, you might be a content marketer, an IT professional, an advocate, or entrepreneur by profession. But there must be something that you are truly passionate about. Something which might not seem LinkedIn enough professional, but still you are extremely passionate about it and want to write about it. It could be fashion advice, it could be about Pink Flyod, it could be a poem your heart longs to share with the right people, or it could be about your recent visit to the Chiapas, where you learnt so much about the Mayan history. Where else can you find the exact targeted audience for your writings, thoughts, and opinions? All you have to do is share it with 3 hives which suit your post description the best and it reaches all the bees following buzzes in those hives. From personal experience, I have come to know that even Twitter does not return such awesome results and post engagement as beBee does. 

Idea #2

You would love to share a life experience that you could not have shared on any other social media platform, just because it did not seem like the right place to do so. You can't trust Facebook to give you honest and balanced opinion. Everyone seems just too annoyed with everything that is shared; and a professional network would be the last place that you would think of when it comes to publishing posts about such emotional experiences. I don't know why I did, what made me publish this buzz on beBee but I wrote about 2 awkward incidents in my life and how I handled them. You can read about them, here. The response I received on my post was so heartwarming that I immediately knew that it was good I went with my gut and wrote about it on beBee. 

Idea #3

You have some really good ideas about handling some situations (work, personal, health etc.) You know that these have worked for you and you feel that others might benefit from it, too. Write about it, crisp and maybe along with examples, so it is easier for the readers to follow the examples and achieve similar results. Find the right hives and share your content there to ensure the right target audience and maximum engagement. Now, you have made a difference to someone else's life, as well. 

Idea #4

This is something I enjoy writing about. In fact, this is the exact kind of buzz I am writing right now. Your beBee experience. You can tell your friends about how beBee is different from other social media platforms and how they can benefit from it, or even better, how you have benefitted from it. I wrote my piece on beBee a few days back, you can read about it, here. There are 2 reasons why I wrote it: Firstly, I wanted to share it with my friends who are not on beBee and I want them here. Secondly, it was my token of gratitude for the warmth, encouragement, and some great advice that I have received here. 

Idea #5

This of course is the go-to topic for bloggers. Your area of expertise. Write about what you do best and what you know about, down pat. Your expertise can help many following the same hives execute new strategies and put new action-items into place. 

Whichever topic you choose, know that your writing will be read. beBee is built in a way that gets your buzz right to the right people; something which takes a long time to build and achieve even with our own personal blogs. 

Happy buzzing!

Proma 🐝 Nautiyal Aug 28, 2017 · #26

#25 You are too kind, @David B. Grinberg. Thank you so much!

David B. Grinberg Aug 27, 2017 Β· #25

#22 You are a shining and rising star, Proma. I look forward to reading many more of your exemplary buzzing blog posts!

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Proma 🐝 Nautiyal Aug 27, 2017 · #22

#21 Thank you so much @David B. Grinberg. It is actually the refreshing space that beBee has created that is helping me come up with these buzz ideas and the encouragement and appreciation from the bees that makes me want to keep writing. Thank you for shares! :)

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David B. Grinberg Aug 27, 2017 Β· #21

Thanks so much for another brilliant blogging buzz, Proma! You make several excellent points worth repeating, thus I'm sharing in three hives. Keep up the awesome and keep buzzing. You're a talented writer!

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Preston 🐝 Vander Ven Aug 26, 2017 · #20

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Proma 🐝 Nautiyal Aug 26, 2017 · #19

#18 Thank you so much, @Matt 🐝 Sweetwood!

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Matt Sweetwood Aug 26, 2017 Β· #18

This is a fantastic piece. You have a very original and much needed piece of honey here. People always ask, "How do I figure out what to write on?" Buzz On!

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