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BeBee StartUpranking Growth for July 2nd 2017

beBee StartUpranking Growth for July 2nd 2017

beBee keeps going forward in matter of performance and ranking for the past months on which compiles all startups Scores and Ranks worldwide.

July 2nd results - 316th Worldwide startup, 115th in the USA .

Last 30 days evolution shows a great optimization of the platforms and its powersusers who led the SR score to grow.

beBee still leads all the way in the VIP ground where famous startup brands are fighting for supremacy.

Positioning itself front growth hacktools for Twitter, beBee is still number one startup platform for #personalbranding 

Or for simple useful tool for users.

beBee is known for " The all-in-one platform for building a successful personal brand. Affinity networking, job postings, live video, Google searchable blogging platform, interest hives".

It is both a Social Network Tool and a Personal Branding platform.

Ranks second place for Social Network start up.

And Ranks 1st place for Personal Branding

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BeBee reach the stage of business development when other start-ups join the beBee's producer platform to blog: check this article about HitchTalent:


Cc in reference for your analysis @David B. Grinberg, so you have 2 comparison points, I have 6 with details scores and kpi, my vision of the facts critical because I understand the SR scores evolution stagnation or regression. Though everyone is extatic in front the ranking, few understand or observe things from an under the hood perspective.In many ways, factors of variations keeping beBee in a plateau phasis, are to me problematic at medium term. Again, my humble opinion from a data analytics standpoint. Issues need to be resolved. Or they will remain and coexist in the relative growth. But I understand Javier's standpoint of limited resources access. The team resolve one challenge at at time.

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@hichem chahed, here is that latest analysis for beBee with StartUpRanking, grow after up and downs, executives adjustements and the new growth.

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#43 I don't despite LI, but i use it to feed recruiters screening and background checking. It is also very useful to identify decision makers in Companies...but even with introduction or direct messages, you will never get an authentic interest by your target, because she or he doesn't share ANY affinities with YOU. LinkedIn is the old good bicycle of the digital Era...a bit rusty, dusty, bumpy, but useful. Se quieremos vivir la vida locaaaaaaa.....Bebee!

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Juan Imaz Jul 7, 2017 · #43

#36 I couldn't agree more! CC @Javier 🐝 beBee

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@Gabriel Bazzolo y @Jan 🐝 Barbosa be reqdy to amplify @David 🐝 Martín Alonso live buzz in America Latina and Central! Viva la vida Locaaaaa !

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#40 muchissimas gracias Caballero! @David 🐝 Martín Alonso even if we are aliens, you give us the desire tomsing Andaluuuuciaaaaa miiiiiiiaaaaa! Oleeeeee! I Can't wait to be featured in on of your live buzz from Sevilla, now i owe you mi marca personal en espana!

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