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My Network, My Friends Rock!

My Network, My Friends Rock!

Lately, my social media feeds have been filled with so much negativity. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the holidays - and to contribute to a small bump to change this negative stuff to something more positive, I present the 2017 You Rock Awards.

Each year, I think about the helpful people in my network, and thank them for their generosity. These people inspire, teach or help others and deserve recognition for their efforts.

Here are my top five friends who rock in 2017.

Amy Blaschka

Amy rocks because she is the most positive and inspirational person in my network. If you are having a tough day, visit Amy to get a positive boost to make you smile. Amy is also president of rbp Consulting. She is on LinkedIn as well as beBee.

Wendi Blessing

Wendi rocks for her patience, encouragement and guidance as a LinkedIn mentor. I am amazed at her teaching, writing and marketing skills. Visit Wendi's profile on LinkedIn to see her other talents, skills and services.

Dionne Carrick

Dionne rocks for discovering me on LinkedIn and giving me a LinkedIn boost. Dionne always shares advice on career management, resumes and other useful hints. If you are seeking career advice, connect with Dionne.

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian

Paul has the distinction of being a two-time You Rock Award winner. Paul rocks for his creation and service called My Tweet Pack – and teaching a lot of people how to rock on Twitter. He's on LinkedIn too, so don't forget to connect with him over there, and cross-pollinate your network.

Donna Serdula

Donna rocks for her services at Vision Board Media and LinkedIn Makeover. If you need to book a professional speaker on social media optimization, consider adding Donna to your roster. Donna is on beBee, too.

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Debasish Majumder Nov 23, 2017 · #9

nice buzz @Wayne Yoshida! but there are innumerable bees who are equally working hard to produce honey. please consider them too sir.

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Robert Cormack Nov 22, 2017 · #8

Good choices, @Wayne Yoshida. Nothing expands the relationship like expanding relationships.

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Paul "Pablo" Croubalian Nov 22, 2017 · #7

Thank you, @Wayne Yoshida. I'm blushing (not a pretty sight)

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Javier 🐝 CR Nov 22, 2017 · #5

Excellent ! great professionals ! thanks @Wayne Yoshida

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