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The Honey Hive: Lesson 2. Balance and imbalance. Motivational Reading.

The Honey Hive: Lesson 2.  Balance and imbalance. Motivational Reading.

Balance: so easy and difficult at the same time. 
The honey hive: How to achieve easily and with happiness what you wish for. Practical course.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful techniques we have as humans to communicate and motivate. So, let me share this  nice fable with you.

From Dr. Mario Alonso Puig’s book “Reinventing, your second chance.
The Honey Hive: Lesson 2.  Balance and imbalance. Motivational Reading.

Once upon a time there was a king, that was already quite old and before leaving this world, he wanted to make sure that his son knew a really important value in life.  Through the difficult and stressful times that his kingdom faced once, this value was the key to survival, and to achieve peace and harmony. Without knowing why, the king thought that the young prince didn’t understand what he was saying.

• Yes, your highness, I understand that balance is really important.

However, I don’t feel that it is more important than power and being clever and skilled,  said the prince.  

One day, while riding his horse, he thought of an outstanding idea.

• Maybe my son doesn't need my constant lectures, but somehow seeing it by himself.

Moved by enthusiasm and hope, he convened the most important nobles and loyal crown servers in the audience chamber.

• I want an art contest to take place. The biggest and most important contest that has ever taken place in the kingdom. The criers must let everyone know that the winner will earn an extraordinary reward.

• Your highness- asked one of the noble man- what should the main theme of the contest be?

  • The main theme is going to be balance. I just have one requirement- said the king- you won’t reject any art work, no matter how strange it looks.

When the meeting finished, the nobles walked away without understanding the point of it, as they found the king’s requirement sort of strange. Some outstanding art works came from all the corners of the kingdom. Some represented a peaceful and calmed sea, others had a blue, clear sky in which some birds flew freely. The nobles where amazed by all those beautiful paintings.

• Without any doubts, his highness will have a hard time deciding which one is going to be the winner- said the nobles.

Suddenly, to the astonishment of all, they saw a really peculiar painting. It had dark colours, and a lack of light, it represented a sea on a storm day, in which its waves hit violently the dark  stones of a cliff. The nobles were astonished by that art work, and after some seconds of silence, comments and ironical laughs invaded the room. 

• Only a crazy man would paint this for a contest in which balance is the main theme-one of them said.

They were about to throw it, when a noble man stepped in and said:

• His majesty the king, ordered to keep all the art works even though they’re weird. Although we don’t understand that requirement we can not disobey him. 

• Ok- another noble man replayed- but, leave this painting in a corner where people can hardly see it.

The day in which the winner was chosen arrived. The king had to decide who was going to be the winner. When he entered the exposition room, his face showed amazement, however, as he started looking at each of the art works his face started to gradually show disappointment.

• His highness, don't you like any of the art works?- asked a noble man.

• I indeed like them, they are all incredibly beautiful. However, something is missing.

The king arrived at the end of the exposition without finding what he was looking for, when suddenly, he saw a painting in the corner.

• What is in there? I can barely see it.

• It is another art work, his highness.

• Why have you left this one in a corner?

  • Your highness, this artwork is painted by a crazy man, we would have thrown it away, however we followed your orders and decided to keep it. But, as it doesn't match the theme, we have placed it in a corner, were people can barely see it.

The king, now curious, decided to take a look at that painting. It was indeed a bizarre art work, which was difficult to understand. So, he did what no one else did before, he went even closer and looked at every single detail. It was then, when his face became bright and happy, and said:

• This one, is without any doubts, the winner.

The ones who witnessed the scene, started wondering if the king had lost his mind. So one of them, shyly dared to ask:

• Your majesty the king, we have never doubted your orders and thoughts about what was better, and always believed you. However, what do you see in this art work to declare it the winner?

• You haven’t actually seen it, come closer.

When he came closer to look at the painting, the king showed him something hidden between the rocks of the cliff. There was a nest with a newborn baby bird, which his mum was feeding oblivious to the storm around them. The king explained that, this was what he was trying to explain to his son.

• Peace and harmony don’t come from an ideal surrounding, as other paintings suggest with clear skies and calmed seas. Harmony and balance come from the capacity of being able to focus your attention, in the middle of a storm, on what is a priority for you.

The Honey Hive: Lesson 2.  Balance and imbalance. Motivational Reading.

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Richard Buse 22/9/2016 · #8

A wonderful story @Anna Valadzko. Admiration, respect and trust flow to those who remain focused amid turmoil. Thanks for sharing.

Deb 🐝 Helfrich 21/9/2016 · #7

Yep, @Anna Valadzko, such a hard skill to learn, but one which is crucial. The world is full of people paid large salaries to distract us from our own priorities. We must learn to balance important information coming in via our senses and disregard the storms that are merely passing fury, then we can shine our light with clarity into the world. It is perhaps interesting that we tend to lose our sense of physical balance as we age - perhaps we lose focus on paying attention to the functioning of our bodies.

+3 +3

@Anna Valadzko thanks to you, given me a new learning! ^^

+2 +2
Anna Valadzko 21/9/2016 · #4

#2 Thanks @Sara Jacobovici, I love this fable a lot. Happy you have enjoyed it🍀

+3 +3
Sara Jacobovici 21/9/2016 · #3

PS Love the photograph!

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Sara Jacobovici 21/9/2016 · #2

Great share by @Anna Valadzko. There is an important "moral" to this story.

+3 +3
Sara Jacobovici 21/9/2016 · #1

Great share @Anna Valadzko! So many layers of truth and love the "moral" of the story: "Harmony and balance come from the capacity of being able to focus your attention, in the middle of a storm, on what is a priority for you."

+2 +2