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A 3-D Leadership Revelation

A recent post  https://www.bebee.com/producer/@harvey-lloyd/producing-the-light-of-leadership has lead to some interesting comments and discussion.  I wanted to follow on with the extended version of the concept.

We tend to look at chaos, crisis or stimulus that requires us or the company to change from fear, in lieu of learning or developing wisdom.  We all seem to admit that change is a part of life and professional pursuits. But when engaged with the change we see it as something wrong. I don't think this to be abnormal, as we have all been feed a pretty healthy diet of marketing.  New marketing installs a problem and then comes to the rescue with a product or service. A solution in search of a problem.

This style marketing has some unintended consequences on the viewer.  The one i refer to here is that each problem we have has a quick and easy solution.  Setting us up to feel unworthy if we can't find the solution.  Marketers can get us from problem to solution in thirty seconds.  If it's a large crisis, sixty seconds.

The darkness to light concept produced in the previous post is the leader that has revelation, ponders solution and then presents to the team. What was left out was the "cycle" of revelation to wisdom.

A 3-D Leadership RevelationIn leadership we need to know that the upward spiral will pass by the same point at a higher level of wisdom with each passing.  A good leader anticipates each passage and draws the wisdom needed to keep the momentum moving upward.

If we view the A/B solution process we can quickly see that the spiral will take more time and interactions.  Should we want the diverse inputs of our team the spiral is the only way to bring the team up to speed of leaders.  Leaders have already worked through the macro.  The team can now join the thought process and fill in the diverse details.

The one attribute to leaders using this model is they establish a system where each team member knows the spiral will pass again.  They need not fear the future, in the present.  They know that the spiral will bring the team back to their area again and again.  Allowing trust in the system to form.  Within the A/B model each team member knows they have to be right every time.  No do overs or tweaking.

Secondarily, the spiral will insure a diverse solution.  With each spiral we introduce wiser and wiser people from all different categories of diversity.  This, unlike the A/B model, insures that the leader does not produce an echo chamber of low diversity solutions.

Each time a leader establishes the A/B solution and it works out, they elevate the cliff they will fall from within the gamble of Russian roulette.
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This coincides also with the post by @Ali Anani https://www.bebee.com/producer/@ali-anani/hunting-for-understanding  Specifically the fractal graphics and commentary.


Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris discusses this beginning of understanding the process of low resolution to high, or another way from revelation to wisdom.

Two excellent posts that were inspiration for extending my own post.

Most leaders who do practice the A/B model tend to be viewed as bullies, dictators or insensitive.  The spiral styled leaders who want the ramp of success to be available to everyone, establish a culture of individual growth.

Keep in mind as we review this concept that neither the A/B nor the spiral concept produce perfect or unflawed results. From revelation to wisdom is a journey and not a solution. We should ask ourselves the question which process would create the better solution within the end game sought?

The spiral perspective has long term benefits. With each market revelation the team quickly adapts to a common understanding of how change works within their team.  With this adaptation, the spiral stays the same, but people move faster along the radius.  Trust has now taken over the gas pedal.

Leadership understanding is the processes we decide to use to get from revelation to solution.  A beginners mind or a fractal pattern or the spiral presented here.  They all show that the path is one of discovery and not instant answers.  The revelation you started with, may not look the same if the starting point includes a journey of discovery.

Harvey Lloyd Oct 24, 2018 · #24

#23 @Clau Valerio I think you broaden the thought into the shadow depths of human understanding. This spiral is merely the process that will hopefully remind us to explore each station, as you stated, in seeking wisdom. We can use the spiral in life or in situations.

Each day offers revelation in self or within social constructs. How we receive and act within revelation is the spirals meaning. A visual that helps us understand that revelation is something we share along a journey of wisdom. Wisdom is within what you seek in life whether physical or metaphysical.

The spiral for me is a reminder in leadership that we pay dearly for short cuts vertically as we pass by these stations. Each cycle of the journey brings understanding within the group and the whole group comes along for the journey. Short cuts typically cut others out and leave carnage along the path that should have been.

This spiral as @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee has shown in his fractal nature is just one of many within any given situation. This is the challenge. If we see another skipping vertically to the success we can forget our own need to walk the journey.

Thanks for stopping by and again your share.

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Clau Valerio Oct 24, 2018 · #23

#21 I want to understand that spiral growth is a life project. A long-term plan in which you have to work continuously. A path of sad notes, but also of many positive advances, satisfaction results.
To the extent that we pay attention to our actions, we are surprised by the way in which we sometimes interrelate, what happens step by step feeds our weaknesses in strengths and helps us that personal growth favors us.
It presents a period of our lives in which we come to know the relationship that exists between our actions and their reactions, which allows us to shape our behavior according to what we expect to receive from life.
Then begins a process of internal growth in which we become increasingly our responsibility in the life of our environment and the ability we have to achieve change if we propose only our grain of sand to improve it.

I'm right sir?

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Harvey Lloyd Oct 23, 2018 · #22

@CityVP 🐝 Manjit thanks for the share in the magenta hive.

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Harvey Lloyd Oct 23, 2018 · #21

@Clau Valerio thanks for the share and hope you got something from the thought:)

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Harvey Lloyd Oct 23, 2018 · #20

#19 You mean you don't enter meetings with purple robes and crowns on while pomp and circumstance plays in the background:)

I agree the world of leadership counsel seems to have spent too much time at the psychedelic bar. They may need to back off the glue sniffing.

But i still suggest the word and reclaiming it from the lofty clouds of academia and branding.

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Pascal Derrien Oct 23, 2018 · #19

#18 Indeed a true coach, guide et etc etc in my view is a self effacing character pretty much the opposite of what we see nowadays, I value doubt as a self engine leading to assertiveness not cockiness or parade at the shiny show :-)

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Harvey Lloyd Oct 23, 2018 · #18

@Pascal Derrien thanks for the share and the comment. The latest word for leadership was brought to me by your share. Consultant, coach and many other words mean the same thing. Looking out front and discovering opportunities through diverse means. Helping others lift their heads from the view of their feet to the opportunities ahead.

Thanks for your comment, you made me think pretty early this morning.

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Harvey Lloyd Oct 23, 2018 · #17

#14 I am not so sure it is imagination. I believe it to be a fractal puzzle that each leader has to put together. I would say a that we get overrun with the need to solve critical path concepts in short periods of time. This would make it a cognitive issue. Time compressing learning of complex issues leads to bad choices.

The spiral, if conceptualized, gives leaders the chance to uncompresss the learning curve. Gain insight from diverse team members and learn. Assembling the complex puzzle in the best of circumstances.

Here in the US car salesman are trained to engage for long periods of time around small points. Once you are engaged it’s hard to turn away. They use time against you. Knowing this you can remove these tactics from them. But leaders can take advantage of this same technique in a positive way with their team. Get them invested in the solution and over time they can contribute to the body of knowledge required for success.