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Are you a Specialist who can do Telehealth for Australian rural and regional clients ?

Are you a Specialist who can do Telehealth for Australian rural and regional clients ?

Hello Everyone in Australia or anyone who is Australian or who had contacts in Australia

I hope you coping with COVID 19 whatever that means for you

I chatted on the phone about Telecareonline  yesterday morning with Chris

- Dr. Christopher Sia : Chief Clinical Officer and Nephrologist for Telecareonline

The Telecareonline organisation is giving rural and regional clients access to health care

All the 50 specialists bulk bill

It's like a not for profit organisation

They only have 3 psychologists and are overwhelmed with appointment requests

They charge an 25% admin fee so it’s essentially pro bono

I thought that some psychologists might be interested in taking a few clients to help

rural and regional clients have more equitable access to mental health care

Other Specialists  might be interested too

You can contact him from his website's contact email form


If you are not a Specialist in Australia, please share this with any of your contacts
I hope you can help



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