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The Honey Hive: Lesson 3. What do you expect and want from life?

The Honey Hive: Lesson 3. What do you expect and want from life?

The honey hive: How to achieve easily and with happiness what you wish for. Practical course.

When, sometimes, I start class with this question, it is really interesting to listen to the answers given by the students. Most of them, usually answer this way: what I DON’T want is…

or like this:

I exactly know what I DON’T want: I don't want to earn little money at work, I don't want to live alone, I don't want to have a small apartment… 

They all perfectly know what they DON’T want, and they usually answer pretty fast…

However, the question was

what DO you want… and here is when the problem begins, as we never stop to think about what we actually want or how we want to spend our life.

We have a vague idea about what we want, nevertheless it is kind of abstract. We tend to focus on what we DON’T want, and we try to avoid it. While the most important thing that we should be doing is imagining with detail, with colours and smells, everything we want to have and how we actually want to live like. 

This is the only way in which we can programme our brains to create success in our lives. If we don't do it, our neurones try to help us to avoid what we don't wish, but they are not helping us to achieve what we really want because we have NEVER defined what we want to achieve.

So, start to act and enjoy the exercise.

Remember that the only one limit and barriers that we face are done by ourselves, so dream big, allow your best and most perfect dreams to come to you, and do not thing if it is achievable or not, just dream. Do not punish yourself accepting The Honey Hive: Lesson 3. What do you expect and want from life?how things are at the moment, or “reality” as many people like to call it. Remember: wanting is power.

Answer these questions in a paper as detailed as possible(adjust it to how it would be perfect for you, do not limit yourself).

In your ideal life you have money and time for everything, imagine:

where do you live (house, city, country, etc…)

what do you feel living this way? what do you think when you return home? what emotions feel?

where do you work? what is your job? how do you spend every day, and which is your timetable at work? how much do you earn? what do you feel when you talk about your job?

your private life:

Do you live alone or with someone? Any children? Describe your ideal personal life with details.

Describe your health condition.

Describe your social life.

Describe your hobbies and think about the time you can dedicate for them.

Add any detail you feel important to your ideal life.

Read what you just wrote, imagine that it is true. How do you feel? What do you think about? What emotions do you feel?

Write down everything that you felt and keep this page in a place that you would be able to find later on in the future. 

                     The Honey Hive: Lesson 3. What do you expect and want from life?

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